Well, sort of … 🙂

I know there will always be new changes and adjustments but for now the website is back up and running again and has a brand new design, new pictures, new pages, etc.

A few announcements …

  • We are phasing out the four separate puppy blogs that have been operating for the past couple years.  From now on, puppy updates for all four breeds will be posted on this blog.
  • We have set up a Facebook group for all the people who have gotten puppies from Happy Hill Pups.  It’s just a place to post pictures, videos, stories, compare notes, etc.  Anyone is welcome to join, including those who have not gotten a puppy from us, but we do want the posts to be Happy Hills puppy related only.  If you would like to see past puppies, you can request to join the group here.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print for now.  We have Labrador and Coton litters that will be featured here soon – as soon as we can take some good photos and get them uploaded!