Fiona had her litter of Cavachons early Friday morning!  There are four boys and one girl 🙂 This is our first time ever having darker Cavachons … the girl is black and white, two of the boys are dark brown and white, and two of the boys are the typical apricot and white.  Nearly all of them have little thumbprints on the tops of their heads 🙂

I need to work through the waiting list so I’m not sure if any of these will be available yet but if you are interested in a puppy, feel free to contact me and I will let you know if we have one available.  Here are a few pictures we took this afternoon …

Fiona pups1

Fiona pups2 Fiona pups3 Fiona pups4 Fiona pups5 Fiona pups6 Fiona pups7 Fiona pups8