Despite all the ice, snow and frozen roads, our mail carrier made it through today and delivered our new camera … which we are very happy about!  Here are some pictures of Fiona’s puppies that were taken this evening.  Four of these puppies are definitely reserved and I still need to contact a few people on the waiting list about the last one.  If you have contacted me recently about Cavachons and not heard back yet – I apologize and I will try to be in touch soon.  With the ice storms and lots of puppies, I have not been able to spend as much time on the phone and internet as usual.

All of the puppies together.all pups1

all pups2

This is Adelaide … the only girl in the litter.Adelaide1 Adelaide2 Adelaide3 Adelaide4

This is Albert.Albert1 Albert2 Albert5 Albert6

This is Alfred.Alfred3 Alfred5 Alfred6 Alfred11

This is Arthur.Arthur1 Arthur2 Arthur5 Arthur6

This is Augusta.Augusta6 Augusta7 Augusta8 Augusta11