These Cavachons are so much fun! Β They are getting very active and playful and love to escape their pen and run around our living room πŸ™‚

This is Adelaide.Adelaide (19)

She is such a little doll!Adelaide (15)

“Are you talking about me?”Adelaide (12)

I really love her dark markings!Adelaide (7)

Miss Adelaide will be making her new home in Kentucky.Adelaide (5)

This is Mr. AlbertAlbert (6)

He and his brother Alfred will be going to a mother and daughter – one in Alabama and one in South Carolina.Albert (2)

Puppy kisses πŸ™‚Albert (4)

What a sweet expression!Albert (1)

This is Mr. Alfred.Alfred (1)

Amazing all the expressions they have … this looks like a shy one πŸ™‚Alfred (15)

I’m happy that he and Albert get to go to the same family!Alfred (17)

“What do you smell like?” πŸ™‚
Alfred (14)

Too cute!!Alfred (8)

This is Mr. Augusta.Augusta (5)

He and Arthur have not been picked yet but one is going to Mississippi and one is going to Kentucky.Augusta (12)

Look at that face!Augusta (8)

And those eyes!Augusta (11)

These brown ones are SO beautiful!!Augusta (9)

This is Mr. Arthur.Arthur (7)

He’s a little smaller than Augusta.Arthur (9)

“What’s over there?”Arthur (12)

Such a sweet fellow!
Arthur (1)