Beaglier, Coton de Tulear and Labrador Puppies

Fiona’s Puppies – Six Weeks

I had typed “Fiona’s Puppies – Five Weeks” in the title line and then realized … they turned 6 weeks today!  I guess we just missed their “five week” pictures :/  Oh well!  Three of these pups will be going home Sunday … the other two will be staying with us for another two weeks.

Miss Adelaide will be with us longer.Adelaide1


She is such a sweet girl!Adelaide3


I love her face!  It just makes me smile 🙂Adelaide5

Mr. Augusta will also be staying with us a little while longer.


Chilling!  He is quite a relaxed fellow 🙂Augusta3


See how he’s lifting one paw?  I love when they do cute things like that!Augusta1

Mr. Arthur will be going home on Sunday.Arthur2


“I’ll lay here … you take my picture!”Arthur4


He is a very friendly puppy who always wants to be with us!

Mr. Alfred will also be going home Sunday.Alfred1


Abigail and I got a good laugh out of this one 🙂Alfred3


“Did you want a close up shot?” 🙂Alfred5

And Mr. Albert will be going home on Sunday too.Albert5


He was being a lazy fellow for these pictures!


“Are you talking about me?”Albert1

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