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Pepper’s Puppies – Four Weeks Old

Hello Friends,

Pepper’s puppies are four weeks old and have now started to eat some Life’s Abundance food!  They are getting very playful and are so much fun to watch.  Here are some pictures.

This is Derrick.
Derrick (1)

Derrick (2)

Derrick (3)

Derrick (4)

Derrick (5)

I’m so tired!Derrick (7)

Derrick (6)

This is Murphy … he is going to Chicago IL.Murphy (1)

Murphy (2)

Murphy (3)

Murphy (4)

Murphy (5)

Murphy (6)

Murphy (7)

This is Miss Denise … she is going to Arizona.Denise (1)

Denise (2)

Denise (3)

Denise (7)

Denise (4)

Denise (6)

Denise (5)

This is Miss Dale.Dale (4)

Dale (6)

Dale (5)

Dale (7)

Dale (1)

Dale (2)

Dale (3)

And this is Miss Darlene.Darlene (1)

Darlene (2)

Darlene (3)

Darlene (6)

Darlene (4)

Darlene (5)

Darlene (7)

Well, that is all for now!  Goodbye until next time!

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