The puppies are almost two weeks, and growing so fast! They are all doing well and are healthy!  Their eyes are even starting to crack open just a little bit, and they’re so cute!

Here are the girls left to right: Heather, Haley and HollyIMG_1799


As you might notice, Holly is a little piggy!  She loves to eat almost constantly!  Haley eats a lot too, but isn’t as big.  Heather isn’t as concerned about food as her sisters are, and usually prefers to snuggle with her mommy, or whoever is holding her 🙂IMG_1806


As you can see, they are starting to get pigmentation in their noses.IMG_1784

The boys, left to right: Hooper, Herbert, Hunter and Hayward.  Hooper is the biggest boy, and quite a chunk!  Hayward is the next biggest, and Hunter takes third place! Little Herbert is so tiny, but is a good eater and seems very healthy!IMG_1815

A top viewIMG_1816

Hooper has one big thumbprint, Hayward has two little ones and Hunter has a mark that looks almost like a heart, but is connected at the bottom and top!IMG_1821


That’s all for now!