The puppies are growing so fast, and doing great!

Their eyes started to open, so please excuse the drowsy look on some of their faces … they are still kind of groping around in the dark, although they can now see a little bit!  I thought of waiting a day or two until they look more normal, but I decided to post these anyways and hopefully you’ll understand that this is not how they normally look!

Here is Hooper!  He is still the biggest and is kind of like a teddy bear! He loves snuggling his mommy and eating 🙂  He is so sweet, and lots of fun!IMG_2160


His eyes started to open before the others but they are still a little sealed on the sides 🙂IMG_2176

This is Hayward!  He is a little smaller than Hooper but is also big … he may be a little more outgoing than his lazy big brother, but is still a mama’s boy 🙂IMG_2240

Please excuse my little photo-bomber … my puppy Yalili loves puppies sooo much, and is really good at sneaking into their pictures!IMG_2262

What a funny look! His eyesight seems to be coming in faster than the others, and he was trying to figure me out!IMG_2264

This is Hunter.  Unfortunately his eyes weren’t completely opened yesterday when these were taken and he was tired, so I don’t have any pictures with his eyes opened. So far he seems more playful than all his brothers when he’s up and going, but is also quite the snuggle bug!IMG_2414


Such a sweet little guy!IMG_2411

Here is little Herbert!  He is still the smallest, but can hold his own with the big guys!  I guess being small has made him a little more independent, but he is still very sweet and affectionate.IMG_2286

Notice something odd??? Yes, that’s my little photo-bomber in the background again 🙂IMG_2270

Hmm … I don’t know what he was thinking, but the expression on his face sure is funny!IMG_2285

Now to the girls – here is Holly!  She is still the biggest puppy by far, and is so cute!  She is very laid back, and doesn’t seem to care much for what goes on around her, as long as she has food and attention 🙂  She makes us laugh all the time!IMG_2305



Here is Hayley!  She is about average size, compared to her siblings, and is very sweet. Her favorite occupation is eating, and is happiest when she’s nestled in with mommy!IMG_2391



And last but not least is Heather! She seems calmer than most of them, and is really affectionate! She loves her mommy so much, and likes to hang out with her 🙂IMG_2348



Here is a picture I got of Fiona … I had been busy snapping pictures, and she had been watching me intently, but after a while she got out of the kennel where she had been snuggling the rest of her puppies, and waded over to me!  She doesn’t like water, so coming to me was quite an effort!  The look she gave me was so pitiful … I think she was saying “please give my baby back!”  Such a good mama!IMG_2291

And here is one of all of them sleeping together.IMG_2301

Enjoy until next time!