Hey everybody!  The puppies are now three weeks old!  Where does all the time go???!  It seems like they were just born yesterday, but they are now walking around on shaky little legs, trying out their newly-found voices!  They are all growing s fast, and are becoming so much more interactive!

I took them over to our new farm for pictures yesterday and they did so well, especially considering there were so many to do!  It takes a LOT of time and patience, crawling around with them, and always trying be ready for “the perfect shot” but it’s so worth it at the end!  Some of the puppies are getting to that “exploring stage” where you can hardly keep them in a good place or position … they are a little trickier, but often end up with even better pictures than the photogenic ones … if you have enough patience to bear with them, that is 🙂

Hooper (aka “Hoopy!”) He is the John Wayne of the group and is a long legged, adventurous, outgoing, fun-loving teddy bear!  He is such a cutie, and keeps the rest of the puppies going with his lively playful disposition! He used to be the lazy one of the group, so his personality change is quite a surprise to all of us!IMG_2904



Mommy kisses!IMG_2900


Catching them in a yawn can be really funny!IMG_2881

He’s such a cutie!IMG_2890

Here is Hayward!  He is becoming a little calmer than his brothers … very snuggly and affectionate!  He is so sweet!IMG_2840






This is Hunter!  He is still a little smaller than Hooper and Hayward, and is such a playful little guy!IMG_2854







This is Herbert (aka “Herby”) … he is SUCH a little cutie!IMG_2948

Such a serious little gentleman!IMG_2918

This one turned out looking kinda like a cat yawn!  Silly guy!IMG_2928

He may be a lot smaller than his brothers, but he sure can give enough ferocious looks to make up for any size!  He is such a gentle and calm little guy, but when his brothers get to rough-housing, this is a sample of the look they get from him!IMG_2925

He tried to go wading!  I was going to take him out but he seemed to be enjoying it and the water was vey shallow, so I let him go!IMG_2951

After a few minutes he was done!IMG_2953

And now to the girls!  Here is Holly!  She still takes the lead as far as size goes, although Hooper may be just a tiny bit taller!  She’s such a bundle of cuteness!IMG_2686



I don’t know if you can see or not, but she’s giving me a “side stare” out of the corner of her eye!IMG_2706

Miss Holly’s new name is Oreo and she will be going to Kentucky.IMG_2684


Here is Heather!  She is so cute, although she didn’t seem so enthusiastic about having her pictures taken!  She is still the second smallest but doing well!IMG_2722


Miss Heather will be staying with a family in Tennessee.IMG_2798





And the last little one is Haley!  She is the feisty one of the girls, and keeps her siblings on their toes!  She is also a little snuggler though!IMG_2773


Hmm … Yalili has an amazing way of just showing up and making herself at home when pictures are being taken!IMG_2753

She also has a way of sneaking in where she doesn’t belong, and acting totally oblivious to the fact that she isn’t welcome!  I think she thinks the world revolves around her 🙂IMG_2750

Haley didn’t enjoy having her pictures taken as much as the others, and did a lot of howling!IMG_2759

Typical Yalili … calm and cool, even though she knows she’s intruding … such a little stinker!IMG_2749


That’s all for now!

– Abigail