Hey everyone! I’m sorry I missed the puppies’ five week post … this last weekend (and week) we moved to our new farm, and life was just too full to fit in a puppy photo-shoot ūüôĀ

I was a little concerned about moving with a litter of seven five-week old¬†puppies … I didn’t know how they would handle all the commotion, noise, car rides back and forth from the old farm to the new one, irregular hours, etc, but they have done SO well! ¬†They have been unbelievably well-behaved and easy to care for, which has been very helpful!

They are all so friendly and fun to be around, and most of their personalities have changed so much in the last few weeks! ¬†Unfortunately I didn’t have time to do many pictures, but here are a few of each:

Here is Cooper … isn’t he just darling???! ¬†He’s such a tiny sophisticated bundle of love, and is so cute! ¬†He is about half most of the puppies’ height, but prances around as if he was¬†a king!IMG_3648

And oh my goodness … his expressions … they’re just too cute!IMG_3639


His size often makes him look more like a stuffed animal than a puppy, and in this picture his eyes look like marbles!IMG_3638

Here is Murphy!  He has become one of the biggest, and is such a fun little guy to hang out with!IMG_3632

He seems a little more reserved than most of his siblings, but is one of the biggest snuggle-bugs of the whole litter!IMG_3637


Here is Hayward! He is such a sweetheart, and affectionate. ¬†He feels happiest when he is in someone’s arms, and is very easy to handle!IMG_3672



Here’s Hooper! ¬†I don’t really know what to say about him … he’s just so fun! ¬†He’s such a goofball, and seems to think that everyone is always watching him!IMG_3659

I actually had some¬†trouble taking his pictures, since he wouldn’t stand still for a minute to let me snap a picture! ¬†He is so super affectionate, and is always trying to get me to be with him!IMG_3667


And now to the girls!

Here is Hayley! ¬†She is such an active little girl and so friendly! ¬†When I let them out she’s always the one running off looking for someone to play with, instead of hanging around her siblings! ¬†Quite the social butterfly!IMG_3689



Here is Maggie! ¬†She’s somewhat¬†different from her siblings … in some ways very independent and tough, but in other ways a very elegant little princess! ¬†But with all the different personalities in this litter there is one thing they all love to do, and that is to snuggle!IMG_3687



And last but definitely not least is Oreo!  She has a very bubbly, fun personality, and is just so cute!IMG_3692

She doesn’t seem to understand how big she is, and at times¬†I’ve had to interfere with her and the little puppies¬†when¬†she gets playing a little¬†rough with¬†them. ¬†It is very funny to see her innocent expression when she has one of the smallest ones pinned to the ground! ¬†She just looks up like, “why in the world are you being so loud???!” The great thing about it is that it’s totally unintentional … she loves them so much and tries to be nice to them, but just forgets how big she really is sometimes!IMG_3681


Most of them are going home this coming week … they have been so fun and I will miss them, but I know they will be¬†going to loving homes, and will be so much fun for their new families!