Beaglier, Cavachon, Coton de Tulear and Labrador Puppies

Jolene’s Puppies – Two Weeks!

Jolene had her litter on September 24th and I apologize for the tardiness in getting these posted. My excuse is that our family took a ten day camping trip just after they were born and only returned home a few days ago.  And even though we had to drive home every day to feed the animals and check on puppies, we weren’t really able to take extra time for photo shoots!  After all, we were enjoying the rainy weather entirely too much to miss any of it 😉

So … Jolene has nine puppies.  Eight males and one female!  The female is reserved and so are some of the males, but we do have some males still available.  So if you are interested in reserving one, please contact us for details.  Also, we are tentatively planning a delivery trip to the northeast so if you’re in the area and want a puppy, contact us about a discounted delivery rate!

How many puppies can you find?!all pups

This is Miss Joy – the one and only little girl!




Merida – one of our Cotons – wanted to play with Joy 🙂Merida&Joy

The tricolor boystricolor boys

The bicolor boysbicolor boys1

These two both have a perfect thumbprint, but one has more red markings than the other!bicolor boys2

This is Mr JackJack2




This is Mr JacobJacob3



This is Mr JeffJeff3



This is Mr JohnJohn1



This is Mr JudeJude2




This is Mr JesseJesse1



This is Mr JordanJordan1



Last but not least, this is Mr JustinJustin3



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