On Wednesday October 28th, Sophie gave birth to an adorable little girl named Natalie!  She’s sooo cute and, being the only puppy of the litter has given her a big advantage … she eats a LOT!  And when she’s not eating, she’s sleeping!  So she’s a little on the chunky side, and pretty big for her age 🙂


She has a perfect little thumbprint on the top of her head!IMG_7450

Her hair is already very wavy for her age, so I’m hoping she ends up with lots of curls soon!IMG_7438

As you can see, the pigmentation on her nose is starting to come in!IMG_7444

A big topic of discussion between a few of us lately has been “who gets to hold Natalie??!” We’re trying to share with each other, but when there’s only one puppy (and a very snuggly, cute one at that) it’s hard to not want to hold her all the time 😀IMG_7453

See you next week!