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Sophie’s Puppy – Almost Two Weeks!

On Wednesday October 28th, Sophie gave birth to an adorable little girl named Natalie!  She’s sooo cute and, being the only puppy of the litter has given her a big advantage … she eats a LOT!  And when she’s not eating, she’s sleeping!  So she’s a little on the chunky side, and pretty big for her age 🙂


She has a perfect little thumbprint on the top of her head!IMG_7450

Her hair is already very wavy for her age, so I’m hoping she ends up with lots of curls soon!IMG_7438

As you can see, the pigmentation on her nose is starting to come in!IMG_7444

A big topic of discussion between a few of us lately has been “who gets to hold Natalie??!” We’re trying to share with each other, but when there’s only one puppy (and a very snuggly, cute one at that) it’s hard to not want to hold her all the time 😀IMG_7453

See you next week!

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