Abigail wrote this post several days ago and it completely slipped my mind to publish it.  Sorry about that!  Better late than never! HW

Hey everyone!  Natalie is now 5 weeks and is growing so fast!

A lot has happened in the last little while … her mommy-to-be came out to see her recently and decided to name her Dixie!  Also, she had her well puppy checkup yesterday and is a healthy little girl! Or maybe I should say a healthy “big girl”!  I’ve started with crate-training her and so far she is doing really well!

Something new happened this morning … I came downstairs and saw her sitting at the other end of the hall looking my way.  When she saw me she perked up and watched me for a second as I walked closer, and then gave a big yelp of excitement and took off running for me, the fastest I’ve ever seen her run!  She has started getting around well and playing with us more, but isn’t extremely interactive yet (unless you call sleeping on your lap and using your fingers as a chew toy interactive!) so it was exciting to see her recognize me so fast and get so excited … she gets really happy when she sees me!

Next week my family is going on a delivery trip up north, and she and Sophie will be going with us!  I’m looking forward to seeing how she does with all the traveling!


She loves burrowing down in fluffy things, especially this pillow pet!IMG_9360

A normal Dixie look 🙂IMG_9474

Right now she thinks it’s open season for chewing on about anything she finds :).  Thankfully she’s actually been a lot better than I expected!IMG_9371

“did you call me???”IMG_9483


Miss Dixie – the drama queen!  I guess something must’ve scared her 🙂IMG_9473

“Would you please stop flashing that light at me while I’m trying sleep??!”IMG_9331


Sweet dreams, Dixie!IMG_9342