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Bluebelle’s Litter – almost 2 weeks

Bluebelle’s puppies are almost 2 weeks old. There is 1 tricolor female, 1 bicolor male and 4 tricolor males. So far, all except for 1 tricolor male is available. Tricolor Girl Bicolor Boy Tricolor Boys Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in giving one of these puppies a forever home.

Buttercup’s Litter – 2 weeks

Buttercup’s puppies are 2 weeks old and doing great! We currently have 1 boy and a few females available. Bicolor Girls Tricolor Girls Tricolor Boys Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in giving one of these puppies a forever home!

Assata’s Puppies – 5 weeks old

Assata’s puppies are growing and as adorable as can be ūüôā They are all still available, so feel free to contact us if you’re interested in giving one a forever home! Cleopatra Crassus Caesar Pompey

Labrador Puppies ~ Only 1 Available!

Labrador Puppies ~ Only 1 Available!

Most of our Lab puppies have gone to their new homes and the only one left is a cute little girl, temporarily named Violet. Her parents are Golani and Dixie.¬† She is 7 weeks old and ready for her new home now! She is a friendly, playful puppy… she enjoyed chasing the cats quite a […]

Cricket’s Puppies ~ Only 2 Available!

Cricket’s puppies are doing well and growing up quickly. ¬†Most of them have gone to their new homes, leaving only Faith, Hope and Fortress here. I’m sorry the lighting and quality is not better.¬†¬† As I mentioned last time, our camera is breaking down on us.¬†¬†It is hard to get the perfect lighting … but¬†these […]

Cricket’s Puppies – 6 Weeks

Hey everyone!¬† I want to apologize for taking so long to get¬†updated pictures and especially,¬† for the terrible picture quality.¬† They are at that difficult posing stage, plus our¬†camera is slowly breaking down on us. ¬†I am really looking forward to the new one! The pups are so fun and playful.¬† They are ready to […]

Cricket’s Puppies ~ 4 Weeks Old!

Cricket’s Puppies ~ 4 Weeks Old!

Hey Everyone!¬†¬†I¬†still have a sewing order to¬†make¬†today and time is ticking away, so I will try to make this post short and sweet … but I have sooooo many cute puppy pictures! The pups¬†had their vet check-up a couple days ago and are doing great. Here are the girlies.¬† Left to¬†right: Love, Faith, Hope. Clockwise: […]

Cricket’s Puppies – 3 weeks old

Hey everybody!¬† I hope you all are having a wonderful day … I certainly am! Cricket’s puppies are doing great.¬† We are planning a northeast delivery trip so if you are in that area and wanting a puppy, be sure to contact us for details and a discounted delivery fee! While trying to take some […]

Cricket’s Puppies Are Here

Cricket’s Puppies Are Here

Cricket had her puppies on July 25th! ¬†She looked so little that I thought she probably only had 4 … maybe 6.¬† Imagine how fantastically surprised I was to see her big litter! The pups are so adorable (OK, ¬†yes, I’m a bit partial.¬† But that does not change the truth!) The 3 precious girls […]

Dakota’s Puppies ~ 5 Weeks Old!

Dakota’s Puppies ~ 5 Weeks Old!

It has been so fun going through and getting these pictures ready to publish.¬† The puppies are doing good.¬† They¬†are in such a playful, happy stage of life (and quite photogenic too!) Mr. Xcellent! Don’t you love his face? Attempting¬†to eat my fingers. Hannah’s kitten¬†loves playing with the puppies.¬† He has his daddy’s puppy eyes. […]

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