Beaglier, Cavachon, Coton de Tulear and Labrador Puppies

Beaglier Parent Dogs

Annie is AKC and APRI registered and is the newest, as well as the youngest, Beagle mom. We got her from our veterinarian.  She has a very sweet and friendly personality, and is a good mama. 

Bessy is AKC and APRI registered.  She is probably our most submissive Beagle – she always bows low when she greets you!  She is not fond of pictures – but she is a sweetheart and a good mommy. 

Bluebelle is AKC and APRI registered.  She is our only blue-ticked Beagle and comes from hunting lines but, in the words of her previous owner (our veterinarian), “won’t chase a tame rabbit even if it’s in a pen with her!”  She has a very sweet and friendly personality.

Buttercup is AKC and APRI registered.  She is our only bicolor (red/white) mom.  We raised her from a puppy.  She is sweet and spunky.

Rosie is AKC and APRI registered.  She comes from field trial champion lines.  She is very playful and friendly and loves to explore and run in the woods.  She was trained for hunting but then became gun-shy so has made her new home with us.  Rosie is an excellent mother. 

Vincent is an AKC registered Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from JP Green Acres.  He has sixteen show champions in his bloodline, including his father.  He is a beautiful dog with a calm and friendly temperament and we are very happy to have him here.Vincent

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