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So now that you have browsed our website and seen all our beautiful dogs, you are probably wondering, what is the next step? Good question! Here is some information about our policies:

  • Waiting lists – if you are looking for a puppy and we do not have any currently available, you can request to be put on our waiting list.  You can read more about waiting lists on this page.
  • Deposits – we do require a $100 deposit to reserve a puppy, or if someone wants to be put on the waiting list for a future litter. We generally will hold a puppy without a deposit if the buyer will come to pick it up within two or three days, but if it will be any longer than that, we require a deposit to hold a puppy.
  • Picking a puppy – depending on your position the list, you may have the option of choosing from several available puppies. We recommend waiting until the puppies are three or four weeks old to make this decision. Usually if people are local, they like to come and visit to pick out their puppies. If someone is not local, we provide pictures (and sometimes videos) to help them make their decision.
  • What’s included – all of our purebed puppies come with registration, unless otherwise specified, and some of the designer breed puppies do as well.  We also provide a health guarantee, vet exam, vaccines and deworming.  Dewclaws are removed.  We also like to send home a blanket that has the mother’s scent as well as samples of the Life’s Abundance dog food they have been eating and the Nuvet Plus formula that we highly recommend for all dogs.
  • Best age to pick up – from the research that we have done, we believe that seven weeks is the ideal time for the puppy to go to its new home since that is when they begin to form attachments. We want them bonding with their new families, and not with their mom, litter-mates and ourselves! However, the age does vary based on the litter. Some mothers have stronger nurturing instincts and interact with their puppies longer than other mothers do. We usually allow our Labrador puppies to leave at six weeks. We prefer for our smaller breeds to leave us around the age of seven weeks, but they are usually weaned and mature enough to go at six weeks if necessary.
  • Delivery vs. shipping – while we invite people to come to our farm to pick up their puppies, we also understand that this is not possible in some cases.  We do offer shipping by airplane options.  We use Delta Cargo and have been very pleased with their services.  The price for flying a puppy is usually $450-$500.  We also offer delivery-by-car options – prices will vary based on location.  Contact us for details.

If you have any other questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact us.

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