Elsie is our pure white CKC registered Coton.  Her puppies are normally white or white with tan markings.  She is playful, loves attention and has lots of energy!  She is a good mama and very partial to her owner (Lydia).





Virgie is our CKC and APRI registered female with color in her bloodlines.  She normally has white, or brown & white puppies (that range in shade) and is a great mom.  She is very affectionate, loves lots of attention and still acts like a playful pup.








Chavi (pronounced Hovvi) is our black and white CKC and APRI registered Coton.  She friendly, laid back, affectionate and an excellent mother.  Chavi normally has white, or black & white puppies.







Salty is our handsome sire.  He is APRI and CKC registered.  Salty is very affectionate, loves attention and being with his girls.