Beaglier, Coton de Tulear and Labrador Puppies

Labrador Parent Dogs

Assata is an AKC registered black female.  She actually at the farm temporarily but I’m putting her pictures here on the page since she will be having a litter soon.  After that, she will be going back to her owners in Panama.  Assata is a nice blend between crazy retrieving machine, and a chill house dog who loves cushy beds!  She weighs about 55 pounds.Saw

Cricket is an AKC registered yellow/red female.  Weighing in between 40 and 45 pounds, she is our smallest Labrador!  She is playful and affectionate with a friendly disposition.Cricket

Dakota is an AKC registered black female. She comes from working dog lines and is more shy and reserved than our other Labs, but is very affectionate once she gets to know you.  She weighs about 80 pounds.Dakota

Dixie is an AKC registered yellow female.  We raised her from a puppy and she has a great temperament and is a beautiful, light-colored dog.  She weighs about 65 pounds.Dixie

Ruger is an AKC registered black female.  Our oldest Lab to date, she has a fun-loving personality and loves to be close to you.  Whenever we are nearby, she has to lean against us, put her paws on us, sit on our feet, or sometimes just curl up in our laps!  Ruger is very responsive, intelligent and obedient – when she wants to be!  Her father was Boaz Braveheart and her mother was Chaya.  She weighs about 70 pounds.Ruger

Golani Galil is our AKC registered yellow sire.  He is handsome, stocky and blocky, and comes from show champion lines.  Golani has a great personality and loves to be with us. He is a big teddy bear who enjoys going for runs, or walking himself on his leash!  He weighs about 80 pounds.Golani

Up & Coming

We are raising two young Labs that will be future breeding dogs.  They are litter mates and Ruger is their grandmother.  They are great pups and while they are very energetic (like any young Lab!), they are not destructive or difficult to handle.  They are affectionate, intelligent and obedient, and we look forward to raising puppies with them in the future.



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