Beaglier, Coton de Tulear and Labrador Puppies

Meet The Family

Tom and Annie have been married 30 years and are the blessed parents of five daughters, two sons, two son-in-laws, and one daughter-in-law. They raised Labradors from 1997 to 2004, when they found new homes for all their dogs so that they could take their family overseas. Even though their children were young during those years, the memories of the wonderful puppy experiences inspired them to begin breeding again in 2009 … with a bit of encouragement from the children!  Annie still handles a lot of the day-in-day-out care of the dogs.

Hannah is the one who decided to start breeding dogs again in 2009 and took on much of the responsibility of building the business.  She married James Manderino and together they have three children. Hannah continues to help with running the business, communications and managing the website.  She, James and their children live about fifteen minutes from the family farm and occasionally raise litters with their two Labradors – Assata and Ranger. 

Tommy married Kayleah and together they have two adorable little girls. They now live nearby us and Kayleah does a lot of the photography for Happy Hill Pups. They have their trusted family dog Nutella. 

Ruth helps out with online responsibilities, including phone and email inquiries, paperwork, keeping the blog and website updated, photography, and helping customers find the perfect puppy.   Ruthie owns Dakota, Cricket and Buttercup.

Sarah used to manage the business but now lives in Georgia and works as a financial consultant.  



Abigail married Silas LaGoy and together they have two adorable children and another on the way! They live about half an hour from the family farm.  Abigail owns Yalili and Poof. 

Samuel is the handyman around the farm and takes responsibility for the daily Labrador feeding chores. He is our go-to man whenever we need help with maintenance work or handling the dogs. Samuel owns Golani and Dixie.

Lydia handles most of the online responsibilities of the business including phone and email inquiries, paperwork, keeping the blog and website updated, photography, and helping customers find their perfect puppy. She also helps with raising and caring for dogs which includes feeding, bathing, and interacting with the puppies.  She owns Elsie, Ruby and Ember.

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