Beaglier, Cavachon, Coton de Tulear and Labrador Puppies

Meet The Family

IMG_1018-resizedTom and Annie have been married 27 years and are the blessed parents of seven children. They raised Labradors from 1998 to 2004 when they found new homes for all their dogs so that they could take their family overseas. Even though their children were young during those years, the memories of the wonderful puppy experiences inspired them to begin breeding again in 2009.  Tom and Annie share most of the Coton De Tulear dogs and two Beagles – Jolene and Rosie.

13925364_1769713686618544_7726072836712037015_nHannah is 26.  She is the one who decided to start breeding dogs again in 2009 and took on much of the responsibility of building the business – a lot of which she is now handing over to the other family members, especially Sarah!  She is still the main overseer, keeping tabs on communication, scheduling, social media and caring for the dogs.  She still handles some of the phone and email inquiries and is responsible for the web design.  Hananh owns three dogs – Ruger and Reyna (Labradors) and Princess (Beaglier).

13076895_101860706895315_9147062041873805588_nTommy is 24. He is our handyman and jack-of-all-trades.  He spends most of his time in carpentry or auto mechanic work and isn’t as involved in the day to day details of raising dogs.  However we often call on him if we need something fixed in our dog yard fences or houses!  Tommy owns two Labradors – Devi and Nutella.

img_6039-bestRuthie is 22.  She does a lot of the hands on work with caring for the dogs and puppies, overseeing watering and cleanup.  She is one of our photographers and helps to keep pictures updated and organized.  She also helps with keeping the Labrador blog posts up to date. Ruthie owns two Labradors – Cricket and Dakota.

IMG_2833 - CopySarah is 20.  She has been in training and is now starting to handle many of the inquiries and puppy communication. She is the main caregiver for our Beagles and Cavalier.  Sarah owns three dogs – Lizzy (Beaglier), Pepper (Beagle) and Vincent (Cavalier).

IMG_9656-resized2Abigail is 17.  She has a great eye for photography and helps with daily feeding chores for the Labradors.  She is the official dog groomer for our long-haired canines. Abigail owns two dogs – Annabelle (Labrador) and Yalili (Bichon).

IMG_8884-resizedSamuel is 16.  He is another handyman around the farm and takes responsibility for the daily Labrador feeding chores. He is our go-to man whenever we need help with maintenance work or handling the dogs. Samuel owns two Labradors – Dixie and Golani.

img_2192Lydia is 13.  She is a big helper and assists all of her family members in caring for their puppies or doing odd jobs.  She is the official puppy snuggler!  Lydia owns two dogs – Elsie (Coton) and Ruby (Labrador).

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