Due to the large number of people who request to be put on our waiting lists, we are now requiring a $100 deposit to reserve a place on the list for a future litter. In the past years we have operated on a first contact first serve basis, but we are finding this to be more complicated and time consuming as we have many more people waiting on our litters.

If you do not wish to pay a deposit but would like to be notified when there are available puppies, you are welcome to request this. However those who have paid deposits will have precedence when it comes to availability and choosing puppies. In other words, if we have five puppies in a litter and five people have sent in deposits, they will have the option of reserving puppies before you do, even if you contacted us before they did. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you would like to send a deposit to reserve your place on the list, here is some information …

When you send a deposit to be put on the waiting list for a particular litter, you will be asked to specify your color/sex preference. If you do not have a preference, that is fine. However you may be asked to make a decision once the litter is born so that we will know which puppies are available. While we can usually allow people to wait until the puppies are four weeks old before choosing the one they would like, we reserve the right to require a decision regarding color/sex preference if necessary.

When you send a deposit, it will be applied to a particular litter of your choice. This may be the nearest future litter of your preferred breed, it may be the next litter of a certain female, or you can specify a timeframe in the future in which you will be able to acquire a puppy. Deposits are only refundable if we DO NOT have an available puppy of your color/sex preference in the litter of your choice, or if there is an unexpected problem with the litter (i.e. false pregnancy, the female does not get bred, etc). However your deposit can also be applied to a future litter in case of no available puppies, if you prefer to do so.

Once the litter is born and you are notified of available puppies, you must reply within 48 hours to confirm whether
a. you wish to reserve one of the puppies in the litter,
b. you wish to have your deposit applied to a future litter,
c. you do not want a puppy from Happy Hills and wish to have your named removed from the waiting list (deposit is forfeited).

If we have not received a response within 48 hours, we will move on to the next person on the list and your deposit will be forfeited, unless you are inaccessible to communication at the time. If you will not be reachable at the time we are expecting a litter, please let us know ahead of time so that you do not lose your place on the list.

Deposits will be applied to the final price of the puppy. If you wish to make a deposit, please request our deposit form/application (you can click here to view the form). You can fill out the information via a PDF reader and return the document as an email attachment, or you can print it and mail it in with your deposit check. If you have any questions about the process, please do not hesitate to ask!