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Pepper’s Puppies – Five Weeks Old

Hello Friends,


Pepper’s puppies are now five weeks old!  Five weeks has been the hardest stage to photograph so far:)  The puppies either want to stay under your feet and fuss for you to pick them up because all they want is to be snuggled (which is really sweet … but not functional!) … or they decide it is time to exercise and run around so you can’t get a clear picture:)  Haha … hope y’all enjoy the pictures anyways!  Oh, by the way, you are probably wondering why I didn’t get a video if they puppies were being so active???  Well, I tried that!  But, when I tried to video, they decided it’s nap time!  Funny little pups!


This is Derrick.Derrick (1) Derrick (2)
Derrick was one of the puppies that wanted to sit on my feet the whole time and if I moved, he’d move!  So, I put him in a camp chair, hoping that would work!Derrick (3) Derrick (4) Derrick (5)
He is a happy and sweet little guy! Derrick (6)


This is Murphy and he is going to Illinois.Murphy (1) Murphy (2) Murphy (3)
Murphy is a happy, playful little guy … so much fun!Murphy (4) Murphy (5) Murphy (6)

This is Darlene and she is going to a family in Tennessee.Darlene (1) Darlene (2)
Darlene kept following me around the yard, so I put her in the chair, hoping it would work … Darlene (3)

… but, it did not work so good! She decided she did not like the chair and kept trying to get down! Darlene (4) Darlene (5) Darlene (6)


This is Dale and she is going to Maryland.Dale (1) Dale (2) Dale (3) Dale (4)

Such a sweet little girl! Dale (5) Dale (6)


And this is Denise (Maya) and she is going to Arizona.Denise (1)
I think that first picture might be the best that I got because this is how I saw her most of the time:)  She is very people friendly, but not so camera friendly (*note* to mommy;)).Denise (2) Denise (3) Denise (4) Denise (5)
She is so sweet. Denise (6)


Goodbye until next time!

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