Yalili’s Puppies – Two Weeks!

Hey everyone!

Yalili’s puppies were born early Friday morning, the 19th!  There were a total of 4 boys, 3 apricot and white, and 1 brown and white.  They still look like baby mice, with very little hair and squeaky voices, but are getting sooo cute!  Their names are Taylor, Tucker, Toby, and Turner.

They are healthy little guys, and all have extremely calm personalities so far!  They took their first road trip at only a few days old, and have been a center of attention around here ever since birth, so they are being very well socialized!

Left to right: Turner, Taylor, Tucker and Toby.Their names listed from left to right on this picture are Turner, Taylor Tucker, and Toby.

Yalili is SUCH a great mommy!  At first I was a little concerned about how she would do … although she LOVES puppies, she has a very short attention span at times and easily gets bored, so I didn’t know if she would be the most considerate responsible mom, but she has been wonderful!thumb_IMG_1596_1024

Speckled noses!thumb_IMG_1631_1024



Yalili is also a protective mommy!thumb_IMG_1601_1024


I thought this one was pretty cute, with Turner laying upside-down!thumb_IMG_1616_1024




Sleeping in their bed together.thumb_IMG_1660_1024

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