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Merida’s Puppies – Three Weeks Old

Hello Friends,

Merida’s puppies turned 3 weeks old on Tuesday!  They are getting more and more active and are so cute!!!  Here are some pictures we got today!

This is Raja … he is reserved and will be going to a home here in Tennessee. IMG_2547





This is Wally … he is reserved and will be staying here in Tennessee as well. IMG_2562


“Do we really have to get more pictures?!? What if I just close my eyes?!?” 🙂 IMG_2569




We have not picked names for the girls yet … one of the girls is reserved and will be going to California, and we will be keeping the other one here at Happy Hills!

Anyways, this is Girly #1:) IMG_2611

“Hang on a second … I need to blink!”;)IMG_2608




And Girly #2:) IMG_2579





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  1. Traci Slay Traci Slay
    March 10, 2016    

    The little black male, makes me think of my baby doll Mandolin. Who is sitting in my lap as I type this. Full of energy an wonder. Love love love her.

    • Sarah Washburn Sarah Washburn
      March 10, 2016    

      Aww! Yes … Wally reminds us a lot of Miss Mandi too:) She was such a sweet girl … we loved her!

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