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Jolene’s Puppies – Four Weeks Old

Jolene’s puppies turned 4 weeks old yesterday.  They are getting more and more playful!

Here are some pictures we got today.

Mr. Wallace (now Rizzo) is going to IL.  By the way, excuse the cedar chip on his forehead! Boy - Wallace (1)

Boy - Wallace (2)

Boy - Wallace (3)

Such a handsome guy! Boy - Wallace (4)

Boy - Wallace (5)

Mr. Woodrow is going to Canada.Boy - Woodrow (4)

Boy - Woodrow (1)

“I just need a little nap!” Boy - Woodrow (3)

Boy - Woodrow (2)

Boy - Woodrow (5)

Willow & Wanita. Willow and Wanita

Wendy & Wilma. Wendy and Wilma

Wanda & Whitney. Wanda & Whitney

Miss Wanda is going to MO.Girl 1 - Wanda (1)

Girl 1 - Wanda (3)

I love her big smile 🙂Girl 1 - Wanda (2)

Girl 1 - Wanda (4)

Girl 1 - Wanda (5)

Miss Whitney is going to NY.Girl 2 - Whitney (1)

Girl 2 - Whitney (2)

This little girl is so playful 🙂Girl 2 - Whitney (3)

Girl 2 - Whitney (4)

Looks like someone was chewing on her ear because it is wet! Girl 2 - Whitney (5)

Miss Willow (now Dakota) is going to NY. Girl 3 - Willow (1)

Girl 3 - Willow (2)

CUTENESS! Girl 3 - Willow (3)

Girl 3 - Willow (4)

Miss Wendy (now Bella) is going to CT. Girl 4 - Wendy (1)

Girl 4 - Wendy (2)

Just so happy! Girl 4 - Wendy (3)

Girl 4 - Wendy (4)

Girl 4 - Wendy (5)

Miss Wanita (now Buttercup) is going to NY as well. Girl 5 - Wanita (1)

Girl 5 - Wanita (2)

Girl 5 - Wanita (3)

“This is the comfiest way to sleep!” Girl 5 - Wanita (4)

Cricket (our yellow Lab) mothering Buttercup 🙂Girl 5 - Wanita (5)

Miss Wilma (now Roxy) is going to NC.Girl 6 - Wilma (1)

Girl 6 - Wilma (2)

Roxy is so adorable & sweet! Girl 6 - Wilma (3)

Girl 6 - Wilma (4)

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