Beaglier, Coton de Tulear and Labrador Puppies

Available Puppies & A Northeast Delivery Trip

Hey people!

Just wanted to give you an update … we have a delivery trip to the northeast in the works and quite a few available puppies that will be ready to go home around that time.  If you’re in the area and have been considering getting a puppy but aren’t sure how to work the travel/transportation arrangements, this might be a great opportunity to take advantage of!  At this point we are scheduled to go as far north as Rhode Island and the plan is to travel during the second week of September.

Here is a summary of our available puppies:

Lizzy has 5 blenheim puppies available – 2 females and 3 males.

Fiona has 1 puppy available – male, color to be determined.

Cricket has 7 yellow/red puppies available – 3 females and 4 males.
Dixie has 9 yellow/white puppies available – 7 females and 2 males.

If you are interested in one of these puppies, please contact us with your location for delivery info and a quote!

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  1. Nancy Nancy
    August 25, 2016    

    Hi do you know of any place where we can get a Beaglier in CA?

    • Sarah Washburn Sarah Washburn
      August 25, 2016    

      Hello Nancy,
      Thank you for commenting. I do not personally know of anyone in CA where you could get a Beaglier. I don’t know if you would be interested or not, but if you would like one of our Beagliers, we are now able to ship puppies for an additional cost. Just let me know. Thanks and have a blessed weekend.

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