Beaglier, Cavachon, Coton de Tulear and Labrador Puppies

Dixie’s Puppies – 5 Weeks!

When we posted pictures of Dixie’s puppies last week, there was only one out of ten reserved.  We now only have three puppies unreserved and there are inquires on each of these right now.  Over the past few days we were swamped with emails and calls and people wanting to reserve these puppies.  It’s a good thing because we’re happy to see them all going to wonderful homes, but it’s been a bit of a challenge to keep all the details straight during the process!

These first three puppies are the unreserved ones.  If you would like one of them, please contact us and we will let you know the updated status and if they are available.

This is Miss TulipIMG_6368-Tulip


She liked Yalili 🙂IMG_6364-Tulip



She also liked Yossi!  Quite a friendly pup!IMG_6354-Tulip


This is Miss VioletIMG_6403-Violet


Apparently she enjoys crossing her paws!IMG_6404-Violet



This is Miss ZinniaIMG_6463-Zinnia


IMG_6455-ZinniaTrying to nurse Mama!IMG_6461-Zinnia



Miss Bluebelle – she’ll be staying here in TNIMG_6466-Bluebelle


Looks like a cat put a little paw print on her leg!IMG_6468-Bluebelle


Miss Heather – she will also be staying here in TN


Hiding behind the tree trunk!IMG_6445-Heather


Perfect timing!IMG_6442-Heather



Miss Lily is going to Massachusetts IMG_6409-Lily



She and her brother Cedar are going to the same home, which we are happy about 🙂IMG_6422-Lily



Miss Rose is going to Washington (state)IMG_6379-Rose



I love this little smile!IMG_6392-Rose



Mr Ash – he is going to GeorgiaIMG_6324-Ash



I carry big sticks!IMG_6314-Ash



Mr Cedar – going with Lily to Massachusetts IMG_6335-Cedar



He’s watching something!IMG_6334-Cedar



Last but not least, Mr Oak (new name is Rebel) – who is staying here in TNIMG_6277-Oak


Yes, his paws are crossed!IMG_6296-Oak


Hanging out with Ruger 🙂IMG_6289-Oak


Such a happy puppy!IMG_6290-Oak

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  1. Kimberly Kimberly
    September 8, 2016    

    We are very excited to meet miss Rose! She’s a real winner!

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