Hey y’all!

Fiona’s puppies are 8 weeks old now and some of them will be going home next week! Although I’ve had them for longer than we normally keep puppies, it still seems like it’s gone by too fast! They have been so much fun and I will miss them a lot, but at the same time I understand that at this age they really start to bond, and I want them to bond with their new families instead of us, since it can be harder for them to make the transition as they get older.

I normally take them out separately when I’m getting their pictures, but this time I let them all out together, so I’m including some pics of them playing together at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Mr. Bentleybentley

This boy is one of the friendliest, most personable Cavachons I’ve ever seen! bentley

He LOVES people, animals, toys, leaves, sticks … the list could go on and on! If you did’t know him well you might think he was the tough guy of the litter, but he is so soft and is usually the first to get scared or start crying when something happens! img_8943


Next is Liddellimg_8926


He is a lot like Bentley … outgoing, friendly and fun, but a little more independent!img_8995


He’s such a frisky little fella, thus the flipped ear … this was most likely snapped right after a big tussle with one of his brothers 🙂img_8979


Theodore is next …



img_8968He is going home tomorrow and I’ll miss him so much!  He is so sweet and gentle, and when the others are eating, playing or exploring outside, he can usually be found snuggling in someone’s arms!img_8918



Corrie is last …img_8948


She’s such a little bundle of fun and cuteness!


She and Theodore like to stick their tongues out 🙂img_8921

Chewing on a little stick

Now for a few random pics of them playing … they love my kitten Yossi, and he likes them a little too, so they spend a lot of time together 🙂img_8915

Poor Yossi puts up with so much from them, but I think it’s great for him to be trained to be laid back and easy-going when it comes to puppies!img_8984“You ready??”  This picture cracks me up – it’s almost looks like he’s looking into a mirror!img_8965

Sometimes I have to run interference between these boys … Bentley has a tendency to get a little excited while playing and Theo isn’t very into wrestling, so they aren’t always the best match!img_8922



Sophie guarding Fiona and the pups while they had a snack 🙂img_8972