Hello Friends,

On Wednesday, March 8th, Rosie had puppies!  There are 4 boys (3 tri-color and 1 bi-color) and 3 girls (all tri-color).  All of these puppies are reserved.

Here are some pictures that we snapped today.  Enjoy 🙂

Rosie is a good Mama!

The girls …

Miss Candyland

She was the first one born!  I remember that because of the smudge on her cheek 🙂

Miss Parcheze

Notice how the white hairs almost make it look like she has a black heart on her tail?!?

Miss Scrabble

The boys …

Mr. Bingo

Snuggling Ruger! Bi-color puppies are the hardest to get pictures of because they wash out so easily!

Mr. Checkers

I love the marking on his back.

Mr. Chess

Mr. Dominos

I love his smushed nose!