Daisy’s Puppies – 4 Weeks Old

Hello Friends!  Daisy’s puppies are 4 weeks old and they have such fun little personalities! We have completed working our way through the waiting list and Mr. Austin is the only available Beaglier in Daisy’s litter.  If you would like to give him a forever home, just let me know.

Miss Anniston is reserved.  She is sweet, but playful and enjoys chewing on her brothers!

Mr. Arlington is reserved.  He is laid back (although he does enjoy playing too). He is an absolute sweetheart. 

Mr. Anderson is reserved. He is also a little more reserved, like Arlington. He is super cute though.

Mr. Atlanta is reserved. He is more outgoing and seems to be a little more vocal … but not in a bad way … he just enjoys talking to you 🙂

Mr. Austin is available.  He seems to be the most outgoing and adventurous one in the whole litter! He is usually the one picking on his siblings (in a playful way) or exploring wherever he can! He was a little shy in these pictures though because our neighbor was working with loud equipment and he wasn’t too sure what that was!

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