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Announcement and Princess Is Available

Hello Friends,

After Tommy moved to ND for work and Hannah and Abigail got married this past year, our family realized that we need to downsize on our breeding stock in order to carefully manage our dogs and puppies. In addition to that, our family will be moving sometime before April of 2018. While we are sad to say goodbye to some of our parent dogs, we feel like it is the best decision and so we will gradually be looking for new homes for the dogs that we decide to retire.

Princess is in need of a forever home. She is a two year old Beaglier (her parents are Lily and Vincent) who we bred twice. She is very sweet, but she also loves to play and explore. She is ACHC registered. We are asking a $300 rehoming fee. If you have any questions or would like to get Princess, just let me know.

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  1. Connie Magaw Connie Magaw
    December 29, 2017    

    Are you going to be rehoming any of your cavachon breeding stock? I may be interested, if u are.

    • Sarah Washburn Sarah Washburn
      December 29, 2017    

      At this point, I do not believe so… but we will post them on here if that changes!

      • Connie Magaw Connie Magaw
        December 29, 2017    

        Okay. I would appreciate you keeping me posted. Also if there are any cavachon puppies in the near future.

        Thank you for your quick response.

        Connie Magaw

  2. Wendy Daves Wendy Daves
    December 29, 2017    

    Hello, just was wondering about your Chocolate labs, we have of your puppies she is 3 now and brings me so much joy! I was hoping you would still would be doing the labs because I️ think my Annie will need a sister in the next year or so. So glad all is going well with your family.

    • Sarah Washburn Sarah Washburn
      December 31, 2017    

      Hey! We’re still trying to decide whether we are going to keep our chocolate Labs or not. We’re keeping them for a several more months at least since one of our females is expecting a litter – after that I think we will make our final decision.

      • Wendy Daves Wendy Daves
        December 31, 2017    

        Thank you for updating me. Just out of curiosity when is the chocolate lab due? I sure hope you all decide to keep the labs. May you and your family have a blessed New Year.

        • Sarah Washburn Sarah Washburn
          January 1, 2018    

          Ragmuffin is due at the end of this month. We are planning to still breed Labs … we’re just not sure whether we’ll be keeping the chocolates or if we’ll just breed blacks and yellows! Happy New Year to you as well.

  3. January 1, 2018    

    We live in Franklin, TN and are very interested in Princess. We recently lost our sweet Beagle girl who was 14 years old and are just heartbroken. We also have a male Westie (Angus) who was best buddies with Hailey the beagle. Angus is now very lonely and needs a companion. We don’t think he would be able to handle a puppy, so a two-year-old may be just right! We have a big fenced-in yard and are both usually home during the day (I am recently retired and my husband works from home). We would like to meet Princess to see if she would be a good fit.

    • Sarah Washburn Sarah Washburn
      January 2, 2018    

      I just sent you an email. Thanks.

  4. rachel smith rachel smith
    January 7, 2018    

    how often do you breed your cotons and when will you have another liter?

    • Sarah Washburn Sarah Washburn
      January 7, 2018    

      We usually have a litter every few months. Virgie just had puppies and there are a couple available. Please drop me an email if you’re interested in reserving one. Thanks.

  5. Mike masiker Mike masiker
    January 7, 2018    

    My wife and I are a retired couple. Would princess be a good fit for us … no other pets and no small kids in the home. Is she housebroken? Where are you located?

  6. mike masiker mike masiker
    January 8, 2018    

    My wife and I are a retired couple looking for a new dog, ours passed away about a year ago from cancer. We are attracted to princess and wonder if she is still available. Is she house broken? Do you think she would do well in a quite home, such as ours or does she need activity, such as a family and other dogs provides. Please let me know asap … Thank you so much

    • Sarah Washburn Sarah Washburn
      January 8, 2018    

      Hello Mike,
      I am sorry for the delay in response – I have been out of town the last two days. I will reply to your email ASAP regarding Princess. Thanks.

  7. Marie Moore Marie Moore
    January 23, 2018    

    If above requests into Princess fail. Please contact me also.we had 3 puggles and just lost my second beloved one. Still have our Mind left but she is lonely. I work from home and we travel in a motor home so alway bring our pets on vacation. I also sent you a request on Lindt. Interested in either. We live in RI and would drive down.

    • Sarah Washburn Sarah Washburn
      April 26, 2018    

      I’m sorry, I just saw this comment. Princess is no longer available. Thanks.

  8. Lisa Kein Lisa Kein
    April 26, 2018    

    Hi! My daughter and I just came across your post about Princess. Is she still available? We currently have a 6 year old female beaglier named Sydney. Our family thought it would be great for Sydney a friend! Syndey is very friendly and loves everyone.
    Many thanks!

    • Sarah Washburn Sarah Washburn
      April 26, 2018    

      Hello Lisa,
      Princess is no longer available – she is in her new home. We are expecting some new litters of Beaglier puppies – I’m not sure if you’d be interested in a puppy or not! Thanks.

      • Lisa Kein Lisa Kein
        April 30, 2018    

        Thanks for getting back to me. We will keep an eye out for your new litters. Not sure at this moment if we are up for a puppy.

        Thanks again.

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