Beaglier, Cavachon, Coton de Tulear and Labrador Puppies

Annabelle’s Puppies – 7 Weeks Old

Hello Friends,

Before scrolling down and looking at these puppies, please read this introduction.

Some of you may or may not have known that Annabelle had a litter of puppies in June.  This was her first litter ever and when the puppies eyes opened, we noticed some of them did not look 100% normal.  We scheduled a vet appointment and our vet prescribed some medicine for their eyes.  Over the last few weeks, we have had several appointments and the puppies have made a lot of progress.  Not all of the puppies were affected, but the ones that were, were affected in different ways.

A few of the boys also had a staph infection, but that is clear now and their hair is now in the process of coming back in the few small patches where it came out.

The puppies last vet appointment was on Friday.  This was very helpful to know each puppies specific needs.  Due to the differences, please read each description for the puppies and if you have any questions or would like to meet/get one, please let me know.

These puppies are ready for their new homes now.  Four of their siblings are already in their new homes.

All of these puppies are very sweet and friendly – so loving and playful.

Black Boy #1 (Red)

His eyes appear to be normal with no issues.  He does have some hair loss on his tail and a little spot on his leg.  His price has been reduced to $500. 

Black Boy #2 (Light Blue)

He did not get staph, but his left eye is still a little bit cloudy, so his price is reduced to $500.  After examination, our vet believes that the eye will clear completely. 

Black Boy #3 (Royal Blue)

This guy is the biggest in the litter – so chunky 🙂  He has 3 small spots of hair loss and his right eye is not completely cleared from the cloudiness yet, so his price is reduced to $400.  Our vet also expects his eye to clear soon.

Black Girl

This is the only girl available.  She did not get staph, but her left eye is still somewhat cloudy.  It is looking so much better and our vet expects it to clear.  Her price is reduced to $400. 

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