*UPDATE: Ginger has been reserved. Our only available puppies are yellow males from Cricket’s litter*

Assata’s puppies are doing great and growing up quickly! My Sister-in-law was kind enough to help me out with doing this photoshoot and she said the puppies kept giving her sad looks when she stepped away because they just wanted to stay close to her for more love 🙂

Miss Ginger is the only available puppy. They are all very affectionate and super playful!

Ginger is reduced due to her not coming with registration (and possibly not being a full lab … feel free to contact me for more info and DNA results). She is a very healthy and happy pup who will make an incredible pet – she will just not work for showing or breeding.

We are planning a Northeast delivery trip next week so if you’re interested in giving this lady a forever home and are in that area, feel free to contact us for a quote.

Miss Ginger

Miss Gloria

Mr. Graham


Feel free to contact me if you are interested in giving Ginger a forever home. Have a great night!