Only 2 beagliers available!

Hey everyone!

Fulton and Wesley are our only available Beagliers. They are both so much fun! They love to chase and play but are super affectionate and love snuggle time too though!

Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in giving one of these guys a forever home.

Mr. Wesley is a sweet fella with an affectionate and playful personality.

Mr. Fulton loves to run and play! He’s the life of the party, but also great at curling up and snuggling too.

Feel free to submit an application form if you would like to reserve one of these adorable fella’s. Have a great night!

2 thoughts on “Only 2 beagliers available!

  1. Our very adorable puppy we named Frosty is a living Angel sent from above! He is being trained to be an emotional support dog for my autistic daughter and is extremely smart and sailing through the lessons. I promise I will send pictures. Thank you so very much for raising such a wonderfully loving puppy! ❤️

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