These puppies are just darlings! They are starting to explore the big world and to get playful … although sleeping is still their favorite past-time!

There are only 2 females available. We are planning a delivery trip, so if you are in the Indiana or Kentucky area, feel free to contact us for a discounted delivery quote.

Miss Aviva is the most lively and spunky of the siblings. She has a lot of champagne markings that may stay or fade, is very sweet, snuggly and playful.

Miss Summer is one of the largest puppies who also has a good amount of champagne on her. She seems to have a very balanced personality – sweet & playful, but not quite as outgoing as Aviva.

Miss Autumn is similar to Summer (above) in size, coloring and personality. She is a sweet little lass.

Winter is the smallest of the siblings and has the least amount of champagne on her. She is a little reserved, but very fun and playful too!

You can click here to see a video of the babies trying to sleep as Autumn decides it is time to play. The puppies are so much fun!

Feel free to submit the application form if you are interested in reserving one of these puppies.

Have a great day!