The puppies are doing very well and this litter of Cavachons seems more advanced than some of our others … they’re walking around and trying to play with each other at TWO WEEKS!  Maybe this dog food is even better than we were thinking 🙂

Puppies in a basket 🙂IMG_0887


Adelaide and AlbertIMG_0894


And no, this is not Fiona … this is Yalili – the 4 month old Bichon puppy that we’re raising.  She loves puppies more than anything in the world and is always trying to get into Fiona’s crate to snuggle the little ones!IMG_0914

Adelaide … such a doll! Adelaide (1)

Adelaide (6)

“Let me lean this way just a little … !”Adelaide (9)

Adelaide (10)

Stretch, girly!Adelaide (3)

This is Mr. AlbertAlbert (7)

Albert (6)

Big yawn!Albert (2)

Albert (4)

This is Mr. Alfred.Alfred (3)

Alfred (2)

Is that an adorable face or what?!Alfred (1)

This is Mr. ArthurAurther (1)

Aurther (7)

Trying to chew on the blanket!Aurther (8)

Aurther (3)

This is Mr. AugustaAugusta (2)

Augusta (1)

I love the dark brown coloring on these puppies!Augusta (4)

Augusta (3)