Ulf is currently the only unreserved puppy in the litter, although there are several people interested in him.
Ulf (1)

Such a handsome fella!
Ulf (2)

He loves to sleep!
Ulf (7)

This fella is so snuggly…
Ulf (4)

… and loves to play.
Ulf (6)

Ulf (10)

He is the largest in the litter.Ulf (9)

Ulf was standing in a cute position so I tried to snap a picture.  As I hit the button, he quickly turned his head directly to the right. Then, before I could get another picture, he bounced 180 degrees to the left, then back and ran towards me! It was pretty funny!
Ulf (8)

Ulf (3)

Uzzi is going to Knoxville TN.
Lizzy (2)

Uzzi (1)

His new “mama’s” family actually has two labs from us already, they brought one of them (Golani and Ruger’s puppy) over last week and he was GORGEOUS!
Uzzi (2)

Uzzi (3)

Uzzi is probably the most affectionate of the puppies (but the others are really sweet too).
Uzzi (4)

Uzzi (5)

He thought Yalili was a fun toy.
Uzzi (6)

Uzzi (7)

Mr. Uldred is quite a character!
Uldred (1)

He is very outgoing, curious and friendly.
Uldred (5)

Uldred (4)

He is provides a lot of fun and amusement.  He is not hyper, but doesn’t want to miss anything! Uldred (6)

Finally!Uldred (7)

Uldred and Utopia
Utopia and Uldred (2)

Utopia and Uldred (1)

 Miss Dixie (Unity) is going to a family down in Alabama.
Unity (1)

Unity (5)

She is sweetheart.
Unity (4)

She is quite playful but when she tried to bite my hand, I just stuffed her own paw in her mouth!  Sooner or later they will get the idea … usually sooner.  She is not mean at all, just going through the playful puppy stage!
Unity (2)

Unity (3)

Miss Lizzy (Ula) is going to a family here in TN.
Lizzy (1)

Lizzy (2)

Such a sweetheart.
Lizzy (3)
Lizzy (4)

Lizzy is very friendly and has a bit of spunk in her.
Lizzy (5)

Lizzy (6)

Miss Utopia is also staying in TN.
Utopia (1)

Utopia (2)

 A couple times now, I have heard a puppy crying and trying to get out of the pen. I let the puppies out and sure enough, both times, Utopia ran a little ways and then did her business!  Potty training already in effect!
Utopia (4)

Utopia (5)

She is quite funny.
Utopia (6)

Ultra (7)

Miss Ultra is going to a young lady here in TN.
Ultra (1)

Ultra (6)

“How do you do?”
Ultra (4)

Ultra (5)

Ultra curled right up on her new mama’s lap when she came to pick up a puppy. The funny thing was, she was the main one who kept running away from the family who had come to pick a puppy before, while Ula/Lizzy had stayed with them :)!  It is so much fun to raise these puppies, watch their personalities and to meet their new owners!Ultra (2)

“See ya later!”
Ultra (3)