That’s right, the puppies are finally here!!!  As some of you may know, she was due to have puppies last weekend but went a little overdue and had her first one Tuesday evening!  Due to some birthing complications she ended up having an emergency c-section done very late Tuesday night (and into Wednesday morning) to deliver the remaining six puppies.


Thankfully they are all healthy and strong, and she is recovering very well!  She’s such a good mama!


There are six boys and only one girl!  As we helped the little ones into the world we kept noticing something … every puppy we had seemed to be a male!  It wasn’t until after everything was over and Fiona was waking up that we realized there was only one female in the whole litter!  Poor girl – she’s gonna have to be pretty tough to keep up with her brothers!


Please excuse the poor quality pictures – as I started this post I remembered that I hadn’t gotten any good pictures of them and they are all set for the night, so I pulled a few from pictures from different phones, thus the blurry, badly lighted pictures 🙂  I will try to get some good pictures up soon though!


Here’s a picture I snapped just a few minutes after the babies arrived … they were so cute, so tiny, so brand new, and screaming louder than I’ve ever heard newborn puppies cry!  Unfortunately I didn’t think to get a better shot of the puppies … you can barely see their little faces in this one!

I hope you enjoyed a look into these little ones’ first couple days!  More pictures are to come!