Beaglier, Coton de Tulear and Labrador Puppies

Fiona’s Puppies – 3 Weeks!

Hey there! Fiona’s puppies are 3 weeks old now and growing so fast! I’ve started them on soft food and they seem to be enjoying it! I normally wait until they are about 4 weeks, but their mamma has had quite a job in feeding all 7 of them, and I thought it would be better to start giving the extra food a little early:).

Please excuse the bad pictures .. at this age they haven’t quite learned that it’s a good idea to keep their eyes all the way closed or open, and their heads are still a little too big and heavy for their bodies! Some of the “bobby head” pictures cracked me up … they really are trying to stand and hold themselves up, but usually end up collapsing:).

Also, we haven’t named them yet, so they will be listed by numbers on this post.

My kitten was recently injured so he’s been getting special treatment inside, and has helped himself to the puppies! It’s adorable to see the way he snuggles up with them!IMG_5324

Here’s the girl:IMG_5271




Boy 1.IMG_5243


“I just don’t know about this picture taking business!”IMG_5242


Boy 2. IMG_5220



Hannah’s puppy Reyna happened to be out so she had to come by and check them out:).IMG_5227

Boy 3.IMG_5172




Boy 4.IMG_5181




Boy 5. This little fella has the cutest bullseye marking, but he wouldn’t cooperate very well for the pictures:(. Maybe next week he’ll do better!IMG_5202



Boy 6.IMG_5247

He wasn’t really enthusiastic about picture time either!IMG_5250



That’s it until next week!

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