Hey Everyone!

For those of you who love to see pictures and updates on our blog or Facebook page, I’m sorry I have been so quiet recently – life has been full plus I feel really bad about posting a bunch of adorable puppy pictures or videos when I know we are months – or possibly a year – out on the waiting list.

Although I wish we had puppies for each of you who are searching, we know quality (of parent and puppy) is more important than quantity – which equals long Waiting List at times.

My sister Abigail’s family have been really enjoying Yalili’s puppies! They are all doing great and getting super cute and playful … but they’re still in that “awkward age” for getting good pictures 🙂

All of these Cavachons are spoken for, and it looks like the Waiting List for the litter arriving in June is full as well. It will probably be 2021 before we have available puppies (if you get on the Waiting List soon).

Miss Olivia

Miss Opal

Mr. Opie

Mr. Oakley

Mr. Olaf

Have a great night!