Beaglier, Cavachon, Coton de Tulear and Labrador Puppies

Bluebelle’s Puppies – 8 Weeks!

Bluebelle’s puppies are growing up!  Chardonnay will be going home in a couple days, and Shiraz, Pinot and Zinfandel will be going to their new homes on our delivery trip on the 13th.  We will be traveling from Tennessee to Indiana to New Jersey and back to Tennessee, so if you’re in the area and interested in Sangria, she is still available!

This is Sangria 🙂sangria-1


Don’t take my picture!sangria-6


Little bunny hop!

This is Shirazshiraz-1


She is going to Indiana and she will have a Happy Hills Beaglier for an older sister 🙂shiraz-3



This is Chardonnay


He will be staying here in Tennesseechardonnay-3


This is Pinotpinot-1

He is going to New Jersey



And this is Zinfandel/Megatroncabernet-1


He will also be going to New Jersey!cabernet-4



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