Coton Videos – One Male Puppy Available!

We still have 4 of Merida’s puppies and 3 of Mocha’s puppies here on the farm but all of them are reserved except for one.  All of them will be going to their new homes next week!

Macadamia is the available puppy … he’s a sweet little fellow who will make a great companion.








These are Mocha’s pups, from left to right – Pecan, Chestnut and Hazelnut.img_6661


And instead of taking individual pictures of all the puppies, Ruthie decided to take videos instead.  Enjoy!

These are Merida’s puppies …

Our Cavachon puppy Conner decided to join the fun on this one!






And these are Mocha’s puppies …



2 thoughts on “Coton Videos – One Male Puppy Available!

  1. Macadamia,

    I am looking for a all black Coton. I have a 10yr old Yorkie and would like a companion. If you are looking for a home for Macadamia and will accept 500.00 I will take him.

    Otherwise, do you ever have all black Cotons? Thank you!

    1. Macadamia is no longer available. We are not expecting any black Coton puppies. Hope you can find the perfect pet you are looking for!

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