For those who have been following, you’ve probably notice we had multiple puppy litters at once! It has been a fun and full season with lots of work & tons of puppy love! We do still have Labradors, Coton de Tulears and Beagliers available, but we only have a few left, so I wanted to post an update here!

If you are looking for a puppy to join your family, you are welcome to submit the application form. We are planning a delivery trip so feel free to contact us for a discounted delivery quote if you’re in the New York, New Jersey, Illinois or Wisconsin areas.

Miss Klara (Beaglier) has a great disposition and enjoys being playful but is very personable too. She is old enough to join her new family anytime now. You can see more pictures by clicking here.
Miss Carrie (AKC Labrador) enjoys being a playful pup but is very attentive too. She often comes running over to me them promptly sits down and stares into my eyes to see what I have for her! Such a sweet girl! You can see more pictures by clicking here.
Greg (very playful and outgoing) and Bobby (playful but more on the laid back side) are our only Coton de Tulears ready to go home! We just had a litter born so you can click here for pictures of these older boys, or stay tuned for Ahava’s litter announcement!
Mr. Shotgun and Miss Beretta (AKC Labradors) are some of the most docile and responsive labs I’ve been around (and I’ve seen a lot of wonderful ones raising puppies since 1997!!). You can click here for more pictures.
Left to right: Mr. Shotgun & Miss Beretta
Mr. Austin (Beaglier) is probably the most playful pet on the farm right now! He loves people and would make a great family pet, or companion for anyone ready to give him plenty of love, snuggles and some exercise! He is ready to join his forever family anytime now. You can see more pictures by clicking here.
Cricket’s only female is reserved, but we still have some Labrador males available! You can click here for more info.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are interested in giving one of these beauties a forever home! Have a great week!