Beaglier, Cavachon, Coton de Tulear and Labrador Puppies

Happy Hills Welcomes Boudreaux, Lottie Belle and their 7 puppies!

Due to a family crisis, a former client recently contacted me to ask if we could help re-home her little dog family. It breaks their hearts to part, but it’s necessary that they give their time to caring for her ill brother.

Although we would normally not be able to do something like this, everything fell into place and today, my mom and I (Ruth) brought home some of the cutest Cotons around!

My sister Lydia is going to keep Lottie Belle, but unfortunately, due to our set up we are unable to keep Boudreaux. If anyone is looking for a house trained, playful adult dog who also loves to be outside, please contact me.

Lottie Belle’s favorite perch when I let her loose in the vehicle 🙂

The puppies are 3 weeks old and will be ready to go home the end of December! They are registered Coton De Tulears which means they are hypoallergenic (people with allergies can own and enjoy them). Cotons have some of the friendliest personalities out there! Most of the pups are available, so feel free to let me know if you’re interested in one.

Without further ado, here are the puppies!

The Boys

Java (left), Chai (all white) and Butterscotch (bottom right)
Java (left), Chai (middle) and Butterscotch (right)
Java (left), Chai (middle) and Butterscotch (right)
Butterscotch (lower), Java (top left), Chai (top right)
Java (left), Chai (middle) and Butterscotch (right)

The Girls

Tiramisu – yawning pup with light brown markings (top left), Mocha – half brown face (middle), Cream Brulee – black/brown markings (right) and Caramel Crunch – medium brown markings (bottom left)
Tiramisu – light brown markings (bottom), Mocha – half brown face (middle left), Caramel Crunch – medium brown markings (top left) and Cream Brulee – black/brown markings (top right)
Caramel Crunch (bottom), Tiramisu (left), Mocha (middle) and Cream Brulee (right)
Tiramisu (left), Caramel Crunch (top), Mocha (middle right) and
Cream Brulee (bottom right)
Caramel Crunch
Caramel Crunch
Cream Brulee
Cream Brulee

Please contact us if you’re interested in giving one of these puppies a forever home!

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  1. Kim Shaffer Kim Shaffer
    December 8, 2019    

    Interested in Tiramasu or Caramel Crunch

    • Ruthie Washburn Ruthie Washburn
      December 8, 2019    

      Feel free to submit the application form to reserve her:

      The reserved female has not been picked yet but you can mark you are interested in either and I’ll let you know once I hear which is available.

  2. Beth Beth
    December 8, 2019    

    How much is cream brûlée?

    • Ruthie Washburn Ruthie Washburn
      December 8, 2019    

      The puppies are all $1,200.

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