Beaglier, Coton de Tulear and Labrador Puppies

Virgie’s Puppies – 2 weeks old

Hey Everyone!

We have 1 female and 4 males in Virgie’s litter. At this point, all her puppies – besides 1 white male – are available.

The puppies eyes are just beginning to open, so please excuse the not so great pictures during this transition stage. Also, I was having a hard time with the lighting – so just to clarify, yes, the white puppies are white – not yellowish 🙂

Miss Latte

Mr. Chestnut

Mr. Espresso

Mr. Cappuccino (big boy) & Mr. Frappaccino (little boy)

Feel to contact us if you’re interested in giving one of these puppies a forever home!

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  1. Ira Emig Ira Emig
    December 12, 2019    

    Hello, my name is Ira Emig, what are your pricing on the Labrador retriever puppies?

    • Ruthie Washburn Ruthie Washburn
      December 12, 2019    

      Labrador puppies are $600. These are Coton de Tulear puppies.

    • Kim Shaffer Kim Shaffer
      December 13, 2019    

      Good morning – I’m interested in Ms. Latte. How much and what do I need to do about securing her.

      I look forward to hearing from you soon. 🙂

      • Ruthie Washburn Ruthie Washburn
        December 13, 2019    

        Miss Latte is $1,200. To reserve her, please submit the application form ( with her name on it.

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