Beaglier, Cavachon, Coton de Tulear and Labrador Puppies

Lottie’s Litter ~ almost 6 weeks old

Lottie’s puppies are doing great and growing up quickly. They are all spoken for.

Thanks so much to my friend Sarah for for doing this puppy photoshoot!

Miss Izzy

Miss Ivy

Mr. Ike

Mr. Inman

Mr. Ivan


If you would like to get on the waiting list for the next Coton de Tulear litter, you can find the application form and more information by clicking here. Have a great day!

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  1. Colleen Loffredo Colleen Loffredo
    November 6, 2020    

    Why do you always post when it’s too late, they are already adopted? It’s why I don’t trust your site.

    • Ruthie Washburn Ruthie Washburn
      November 6, 2020    

      I’m sorry you do not trust us, but because there is a high demand for our healthy and happy puppies, we have a waiting list for those interested in one. People are often waiting months (or over a year) for their turn to get a puppy. Occasionally there will be an available puppy when I post (the last post about this litter mentioned there was 1 puppy available) but they are usually spoken for before they are born.

    • Marcia Marcia
      November 8, 2020    

      You absolutely can trust them. I have a Happy Hills cavachon. You do need to be patient. I was on the waiting list for close to a year.. This family raises quality pups. They keep in touch with you from the day they receive your deposit until the day you receive your puppy. They are fair in the price and the process. I love seeing pictures of their newborn pups.

      • Ruthie Washburn Ruthie Washburn
        November 8, 2020    

        Thanks so much Marcia!

  2. Pat Malloy Pat Malloy
    November 6, 2020    

    Hi Ruth
    It is always a treat to see all the new pups. They are truly beautiful.

    I searched a lot of different breeders, but I didnt have a good feeling about them.
    Then I googled again and found you guys.
    I really think all your pups are healthy, happy pups.
    Im looking forward to getting my pup,

    Take care Ruth
    Pat Malloy

    • Ruthie Washburn Ruthie Washburn
      November 8, 2020    

      Thank you Miss Pat! We definitely do our best to keep our dogs and puppies happy and healthy! Have a great evening!

  3. Blair Patch Blair Patch
    November 22, 2020    

    I’m also on the list for one of Ruthie’s beaglier puppies. Crossing my fingers and toes every day that in early 2021 I get a call. So excited!

  4. Kathleen Burgess Kathleen Burgess
    November 25, 2020    

    The Happy Hills Cotons are worth the wait! We were on a waiting list for a puppy, had to decline the first offer due to a vacation conflict, and got our Henry in June of 2018. We could not ask for a better companion. He is smart, sweet, great with kids and most dogs, and generally loves people. He has been a real blessing during 2020. We have met so many neighbors that we never knew before thanks to our little guy. If you decide to get on a waiting list for a Coton, you will not be disappointed!

  5. Eva Eva
    December 7, 2020    

    We were very blessed and lucky to have found this site and an available Coton at the time when I was ready to get a puppy from a different breeder at a more expensive price. We are very thankful and appreciate them. We are very happy with our Coton and had enriched our life immensely! The joy she gives us is priceless! Thank you Ruth, Happy Hill Pups.

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