Over the years Golani has been an incredible pet and outstanding sire! Samuel raised him since he was a puppy and he has been such an amusing and enjoyable dogs to have around. We are going to miss having his puppies around, but Sam decided it’s time for Golani to retire to his full time yard & porch dog position, so I wanted to go ahead and let you all know, incase anyone wants one of his last puppies.

Dixie just had a litter of white puppies and we are expecting litters from Dakota and Ruby (black and yellow likely) in the next week or so. After these litters, we plan to use Ranger, my sister Hannah & James’ upcoming sire for our future litters.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the last years.

Golani loves and Sam they have been pals since day 1.
He doesn’t want to miss out on anything, although he is really relaxed and chill at the same time – the perfect lab …
… well almost the perfect lab 🙂 One of his favorite pastimes is to collect anything and everything he can find into one pile around him! He doesn’t chew – just collects!
Golani is so good with other dogs and puppies, we are so blessed to have him!

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to reserve one of these upcoming puppies. You can find the link to the application form on our waiting list page.