It is hard to believe Dixie’s Labrador puppies are almost old enough to go home – time flies!

So far, Miss Dolly and Miss Carrie are the only puppies still available in this litter. They are both very affectionate but Dolly seems to be more of the reserved and snuggly (“let me curl up and sleep on your lap, next by … or under anything you stand or sit on!”) girl, while Carrie is sweet but more outgoing and “I’m going to find something to play or do” girl.

These girls will be ready to go home June 12th. Feel free to submit the application form if you would like to give one of them a forever home.

On a side note, we still have some available black and chocolate Labradors from Nutella’s litter ready to go home on the 15th.

Miss Dolly (with Owensboro the Beaglier)

These two are too much!

Miss Carrie

Have a good night and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.