Good evening everyone!

Our black & tan beagliers are doing great, as are the parents!

We are planning multiple delivery trips so feel free to contact us for a discounted delivery quote if you are in the Kentucky, Indianna, Illinois, Wisconsin or Mississippi area. You can see the puppies who are ready to go home now by clicking here.

Ember’s babies are Austin, Blake & Callie. They are 4.5 weeks old and are beginning to get playful. There are 2 males still available.
Miss Callie is reserved
Mr. Austin is available and such a playful fella!
Mr. Blake is available and he enjoys playing too, but is a bit more reserved/laid back.
Callie (left) and Blake (right)

Molly’s babies are 3.5 weeks old. They are beginning to figure out their legs and we still have 2 females available.
Meeting miss Carrie from Dixie’s Labrador litter

Have a great weekend and feel free to submit the application form if you would like to give a puppy their forever home, or to contact us if you have any questions.