Hey Everyone! I am so sorry it has taken so long to update Buttercup’s litter’s pictures! A lot has been going on around Happy Hills lately 🙂

The puppies are doing great and are about to start heading home. They are all spoken for.

It will likely be later this year or 2021 before we have more Beagliers available. If you would like to get on the Waiting List, you are welcome to submit the application form.

Miss Ulla & Miss Uma

Miss Uma

Miss Ulla

Miss Uli & Miss Uda

Miss Uli

Miss Uda

Miss Ultima & Miss Usha

Miss Ultima

Miss Usha

Mr. Uzzi & Miss Unity

Miss Unity

Mr. Uzzi

Mr. Uri & Mr. Uriel

Mr. Uri

Mr. Uriel

Have a great night!