Good evening everyone!

I just wanted to announce that I (Ruth) am in the process of training my wonderful sister Lydia to take over managing Happy Hills. She has spent her whole life around dogs and puppies, so I’m thrilled to be able to place most of the office work into her hands!

I will remain involved and helping out with the farm, but after years of working night and day both in the office and hands on to give our dogs, puppies and clients the best possible care, I’m looking forward to minimizing my hours in the office as I focus more time on the other things God is calling me to pursue!

It’s been a pleasure to correspond, meet and work with so may of you, and I definitely look forward to further interactions. Just be prepared to hear from Lydia, instead of me if you contact Happy Hills 🙂

We are still raising Coton de Tulears, Labradors and Beagliers so feel free to contact Lydia if you’re interested in getting on a waiting list (no guarantees, but it looks like we’ll have available Beagliers and Coton de Tulears this fall/winter if someone gets on the list soon).

Best wishes to you all,

~ Ruth Washburn